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What do we do?

Learning to Live puts the future of young
peoples’ personal and educational development as its main purpose and focus.

We create  bespoke programmes tailored personally to each student. We hope to re-engage students on a 1:1 basis and through small group projects, which will help re-build vital social skills amongst peers.


Young people's lives and their individual choices.

The steady decline in healthy, active lifestyles and negative/limiting mindsets has had a knock-on effect with an individual’s academic and personal performance within the mainstream sector.
These issues can also affect a young person’s social development, behaviour and self-esteem.
which can often cut vital links within the local community.


NEURO  Pathway

Guided by these cornerstones, enrichment and educational sessions will be offered to gradually raise levels of self-esteem and confidence. We enhance a young persons learning experience and restore their vision and optimism for their future in education and beyond.

The L2L Process

Through our initial assessment of each young person, our process of re-engagement
and enrichment will aim to gain the students trust and create a
positive rapport with other young people and their teachers/m

Anchor 1

L2L believe that every young person should be able to follow a healthy and active lifestyle.  Growing fruit and vegetables, learning to budget, create, prepare and cook their own healthy meals and change their approach and habits to eating. 


Understanding the nutritional values of foods that can support young people into adulthood and give them the valuable

skills to positively influence family and peers to be healthy and active for life.

Get active

Exercise-Get active

Bespoke active fitness programs for the young person to learn and enjoy outdoor activities i.e. trekking, orienteering, swimming, football, rugby, multi skills, parkour, free running and climbing as well as water sports such as paddle boarding, body building and surfing during the summer months.


To learn to enjoy the outdoors and what it has to offer.  A healthy heart supports a healthy mind and can create confidence and self motivation to succeed in and support in all areas of life.  New friends, new opportunities and new skills.

Unwind-Connect with nature

Learning to relax, calm and self regulate.  De-clutter the mind through unassuming mindfulness techniques and appreciating the current environment. 


Through learning and practising emotional intelligence techniques, specific life skills such as confidence, communication and self worth will be improved.  Building the foundations for understanding and acknowledging feelings and emotions to cope with life's every day challenges.


Promoting relaxation/meditation practices aimed at developing positive sleeping patterns through the creation of healthy, homelife habits.


To develop new habits through the practice of having less tablet/phone time whilst in the home environment.  The challenge being for our young people to acknowledge the need and importance of the break from social media and electronics to connect with family and friends.


Optimise-Keep learning

Cognitive exercises to promote the health and wellbeing of the mind.  We deliver bespoke learning challenges and practices by going to the young person's safe place (comfort zone).


Learning is key.  However, self worth is of paramount importance.  The L2L way is to influence CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) in order to  get the most from the young people whilst present in the session.

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